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You could become our newest member

Want to scuba dive in Hemel Hempstead? We are your local branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (we say BSAC).

Come and join us.

Our club is run by the members for the members. BSAC is internationally recognised and regulates all our training; also setting out guidelines for safe diving, and policies for our welfare.

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Welcome to Dacorum Scuba

We welcome divers from all agencies to dive with us.

We offer training for all BSAC diver grades. We can take you from entry-level Ocean Diver training, through to Sports Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver. We can even help you with First Class Diver. Once qualified, you can pursue your interests – such as wreck diving, technical diving or underwater photography – on our club dive trips, or you can train to become a diving instructor.

Our weekly social meeting allows us to arrange training, diving and social events. We have pool time for training and kit testing and members arrange diving trips around the British Isles and abroad.

Trydiver and dive leader underwater

Book a Try Dive

Book your Try Dive here. We’ll then contact you to arrange a Thursday evening that suits you.

We’ll meet for an introductory lecture about the club, diving safety, equipment, techniques and underwater signals. Then we’ll go to the local swimming pool to kit up and spend time in the water.

If you want us to, we can take some pictures or video of you underwater and share them with you afterwards.

Book a Try Dive
  • Run by experienced BSAC-qualified instructors
  • At our local pool
  • Help save time and money by trying scuba first
  • A great experience that could be the start of something amazing
  • All scuba equipment included

What our members say...

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the magical underwater world. I can conquer my fear with open water. I can challenge myself to do more. Big thanks go to the wonderful wonderful Dacorum Scuba team and everyone in the club who’s been so kind and helpful. I’m hoping to train as Sports Diver as my next step. Meanwhile, happy diving!

Recently Qualified Ocean Diver

Very friendly, well run dive club with a wealth of experienced instructors and members. Excellent clubhouse, pool and training facilities. There is a compressor station for air, nitrox & trimix and a packed calendar of dive trips and holidays, both in the UK and internationally.

Active UK Diver

An active, friendly and very welcoming club offering a variety of dives and training. Have only been a member a few months but it's been great to advance my skills and looking forward to many more exciting UK dives. Pool sessions on Thursday to practice as well are very useful for testing gear / techniques etc.

New Club Member

UK club diving at its best: friendly, active, knowledgeable club members, lots of training going on at all levels and regular trips in the UK and abroad.

Long-term Club Member
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