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Technical Diving

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Technical divers, whether experienced or in training, are made welcome at Dacorum Scuba.

The compressor panel with the Haskel pump in actionDacorum Scuba has a group of technical divers among its members, which includes both open-circuit and closed-circuit divers. Appropriately qualified and trained members can use the club’s blending set-up for nitrox and trimix. Oxygen and helium are charged for, air is provided to members at no cost.

If you want the challenge of extending your limits underwater, technical diving could be for you.

Learning technical diving skills allows you to take your diving beyond the maximum depths and bottom times encountered in recreational diving. Technical divers use different kit setups and different breathing gases to extend their diving range.

Our well-qualified instructors can offer BSAC technical courses, such as Twin Set, Accelerated Decompression Procedures, and rebreather training.

If you are interested in technical diving with the club, contact us and arrange a visit on a club night to chat to our technical diving members.

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BSAC Technical Diving Courses

A twin set diver on a diver lift A rebreather diver on a diver lift

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