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Club Reinstates Regular Open-water Dive Days

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The first of what the club committee hopes will be regular monthly dive dates is Sunday 10 December at Dosthill Quarry.

This is a small site near Tamworth, very low key, with easy parking. After a “long morning ” of two dives with a short surface interval, we plan to have lunch at a nearby pub.

Book here for the 9am slot, we can arrive/meet at 9 It’s £20. Each diver must book individually and needs to name a buddy, and training officer Lindsey has circulated a list to participants.

Please note they request that be done ASAP, and certainly a minimum of 24 hours before. (They’re a small site; &  staff according to customer numbers).

More people are very welcome to join – just let Lindsey know if you want to come along.

See a map of Dosthill dive site

December dive day location, on Google maps

Future dive days

Regular dive days are being planned for the weekend after each Dacorum Scuba pool session (that’s on the first Thursday of each month…)

Watch out for details

Visit BSAC.com