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Cromhall Quarry Visit

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On Sunday 28 April, three club members ventured slightly further afield than usual on an inland site visit to Cromhall Quarry in Gloucestershire for some Dive Leader training. With no crowds and good viz, they’d recommend it to you all.

The water levels were much higher than on previous visits, which meant that rather than requiring a large stride entry, the kitting up bench was already in the water.

The air temperature on arrival was 4°C, so the group were pleased to get into the water to warm up in a balmy 8°C. The theme for the day was rescue skills; with alternate source (AS) ascents and controlled buoyant lifts (CBL) from 15m to 6m (focusing on the controlled aspect), along with mask removal and replacement. The CBL was followed by simulated rescue breaths and a tow involving a diver using a twin set, which made it quite tiring. The trainees then practised their resuscitation skills on a Little Annie including use of the club’s oxygen first aid kit, so a very worthwhile exercise.

The visibility during the diving was a generous 5-10m which made the session all the more pleasant, and the group also explored the strategically placed boat, aircraft and helicopter that were within easy reach of the entry point.

Thanks again to Andy B for running the training day. It is certainly worth a follow up visit to this site for future training.

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