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December’s Dive Day Was a Good One

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Chairman John says

Dosthill was the site chosen for Dacorum Scuba’s kickoff to regular monthly diving sessions on Sunday 10 December.

A more unusual site for the club to visit, it provided a different experience to the sites regularly frequented by the club. Much easier parking is always a bonus at this old-school, chilled dive site.

Weather topside thankfully was warmer and dryer than expected, with the rain holding off for most of the day. Members dived in two groups, each doing training for at least part of the session and ticking off Dive Leader or Advanced Ocean Diver requirements. Visibility was decent at about 3m for the start of the session, though runoff due to rain did start to affect the second set of dives.

Platforms near the entry and exit at 6m and 17m allowed for training and safety stops after deeper dives to explore the minibus, planes, and other sunken attractions. An easy to follow line between some of the items also allowed the divers to give their compasses a rest.

Alice, working on her Advanced Ocean Diver qualification said of her depth-progression dive to 25m:

“I had a great time experimenting with my new pair of dry gloves that kept my hands toasty as I descended 25 metres down, the deepest I’ve ever reached. Dosthill is a fantastic diving location with a very peaceful and calm atmosphere, and friendly people everywhere you go.”


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