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February’s Dive Day at The Bluey

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The Blue Lagoon, just south of Milton Keynes, was the destination for eight divers from Dacorum Scuba on a club day out on Sunday 4 February. Their aim: to further their skills and keep dive fit over the winter.

The Blue Lagoon is a former brick quarry that is now filled with water up to 18m deep. Diving there is managed by local BSAC club Milton Keynes Sub Aqua Club, who extend a warm welcome to other divers who get in touch in advance. The lagoon has some attractions for divers – including an old Capri and some old boats – and is a great place for training. Underwater life includes crayfish and perch.

It is a great local site, we should visit more often.

A Junior member qualified as an Ocean Diver and working towards her Sports Diver qualification, commented:

“The site was very pretty and everyone was very friendly. There were some interesting wrecks including a bus which I enjoyed looking at; we even found a small trampoline. This was the first time I deployed a delayed surface marker buoy underwater by myself too! Had a nice burger afterwards.”


Dacorum Scuba runs regular training trips to local quarries throughout the winter, as part of an active diving programme in the UK and beyond.

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