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Meet the Committee

Wave Shape

Chairperson: John Lee Young

John has been fascinated by underwater life since he was a little boy just floating in a stream wearing goggles to watch the fish. Now a Dive Leader and assistant instructor, he’s always keen to dive – whether on a single or twinset – and is always working on capturing that elusive, perfect underwater photo to put up on his living room wall.

Treasurer: Nic Peters

Nic had a Try Dive with Dacorum Scuba in April 2016 and qualified as an Ocean Diver later that year, proving that you can learn to dive even if you are past 50! She is now a Sports Diver, training to become a Dive Leader. She has taken a number of skill development courses and has dived in the UK, Malta and Kefalonia.

Equipment Officer: Brian Maleham

Brian started diving in 2022 and qualified as Ocean Diver and Sports Diver in his first year of diving with 58 recorded dives during this period. He enjoys diving in both the UK and abroad. He has dived in Malta, Mexico and Formentera and had a great time on the club trip to the Red Sea in Egypt, diving on his first liveaboard. Brian enjoys exploring both wrecks and reefs and is now training for his Dive Leader qualification.

Compressor Officer:


Diving Officer: Kevin King

Kevin joined Dacorum Scuba in 2009 as a PADI crossover diver and continued his training with BSAC. He is now an Advanced Diver. Over the last 16 years, he has dived extensively abroad and in the UK. He enjoys organising club trips so that he and others can experience and appreciate the interesting and varied diving the British Isles has to offer. Currently, Kevin is a keen CCR diver and uses an AP Inspiration XPD, but that said he is more than happy to dive open circuit when the need arises!

Welfare Officer: Sue King
Training Officer: Lindsey Doyle

scuba dive in Hemel Hempstead

September 2023 marked 30 years of DSAC membership for Lindsey, who learned to dive in Menorca on holiday in 1992, being unable to resist the temptation of the ocean following a try dive. Lindsey progressed through the diving and instructor grades and achieved Advanced Instructor in 2009. She began technical diving ( using a twin set and stage cylinder for accelerated decompression) in 2007, but is still happy diving shallow with a single cylinder, as observing the marine life is her main passion. She has always loved teaching diving and has held committee positions of Membership Secretary, Training Officer and Diving Officer at various times over the years. Unfortunately a medical issue has prevented Lindsey from diving since 2020, but she is optimistic of re-starting in 2024 and has remained an active club member.

Secretary: Graham Higgins

Graham joined Dacorum Scuba with his son James in 2014 and they both qualified as Sports Divers in 2017. He has dived around the UK coastline from small boats and RIBs. He co-organised successful club trips to the Farnes Islands in 2022 and to Eyemouth and St Abbs in 2023.  Graham enjoys scenic and wreck diving and also has a general interest in marine life including watching seabirds both above and under the water in their natural environment.

Communications Officer: Kristina Pedder

Kristina has been diving since she discovered scuba at university in the 1980s, where she qualified as an Advanced Instructor. She has led club diving and training from RIBs and other small boats all around the fabulous UK coastline. In 2009, she qualified as a 60m trimix diver, to see some of the deeper wrecks around the UK. Now, she dives an AP Diving Evo+ rebreather.


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