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Club resources

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If members have any suggestions for resources to add to this page, please contact comms@dacorumsac.org.uk.

Covid-19 advice & guidance

See Dacorum Scuba Covid guidance for members and instructors

See the UK Diving Medical Committee’s advice for divers and medical referees. including a Diver scorecard

See BSAC Covid safe diving guidance

See BSAC Safe return to volunteering guidance

For expedition leaders/trip organisers

Cardiff BSAC tidal curves: show when neap and spring tides occur

Members’ resources

Various club documents are shared with members on Google Drive, to view them you will need a Google account and permission as a current member (contact Andy B). We have created a short Google Drive User Guide.

In the members’ area on Google Drive you will find documents and folders including:

There are a lot of useful resources on the BSAC website.

Visit BSAC.com